“Awakening, kundalini, ascension processes” has felt more like a dream or more often a nightmare than one of wokeness. 

The lies, dillusions, the illusions …. While I live on planet earth… In the “3D” I have always felt myself as a “humanitarian”, that we as a people … And ecosystem can evolve … Harmonize our qualities of life in a way that does not take from each other. 

So say I have either “ascended” or what feels more like “decended” in vibes or energy. I still haven’t been able to wrap mind around 5D. All I know is how I feel and even that … I’m not even sure it is me. 

I feel like I can’t go back… I have know idea the future or destination and currently I’m not happy with how things are going. I know that waiting … Kinda… For a sign… A green light to move on with my life. 

I’m not sure how that affects the present moment. How can I … Weave things into my life that are small steps to the life I want with feeling like I’m totally stalled in any kind of movement. As I said before anytime I feel a little bit of motivation its either zapped from me or something terrible happens.

Today I went to the hospital because my blood pressure was 157/136 which is super high and abnormal. And I was feeling the pressure on my head, tingling, knocking ony legs etc. 

The spirit voice continued to elicite fear.  I wanted to start a water fast for my body. But it might not the best idea right now.

Not quiet sure what all this plays into ascension or awakening or twin flame thing. 


6 thoughts on ““Awakening”

    1. Im trying to stay firm in my faith while being open to other beliefs. I don’t know if awakening is a destination as well…. But I’m trying to remain positive (can’t say I’m doing the best at it)


      1. Well I thought it was like some psychedelic love fest (not to say I haven’t had some beautiful natrusl trips). But currently “awakening” is meaning for me that I’m not in control. I mean I can take a step back and be in control of my actions as much as possible…. But … Im not the only one up in dis bish. I have no idea if this a good or bad thing. But it has strengthen my faith in God. It may change as things unfold. What are your perspectives on awakening?


      2. I’ve been studying awakening for a while and I know that once the process starts you can’t willingly stop it.Especially kundalini awakening/rising which is described as both a frightening and illuminating experience.It’s hard to explain .Ive also had an interest in twin flame relationships.Ive had a strong irrational pull towards someone,it grows stronger daily and as much as i try to fight it ,the more stronger it feels.I dont know if this is a “soul” or “twin” relationship but the bound is definately there.The similarities between us is overly noticable as days go by.I felt some sort of “awakening”of my own,though I don’t know if it is just more elightingment.Its like i can now see more and feel more than the people around me.


  1. “Kundalini” was cray…. Like it started of slow and then my senses went wild… Like first I could smell something really far away…. Or if someone was sick…. Usually empathic … But my ego got in the way. Theny senses went wild…. And I could “feel” sound…. Which was really uncomfortable. I tried to express as much as I can in the blog (which is not even half of it). And work my ish out. But this all happens leading up to and really intensified after meeting my “TF”. But this has all put a pause on my 3D life…. So its been frustrating. Idk…. In terms of Twin stuff… Just bring the best you to the table and don’t resist. I ran in circles …. I kept running away and I would go on a date…. And in would be like SHIT…. Why am I here with this person? I would be triggered… Run and I realized that my feelings for him were more than I can explain or rationalize and it didnt make sense to develope feeling so quickly for him. But who knows could have. Been a chemicla imbalance for all i know. Why exactly are you fighting it?


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