I finally opened up to one of my friends about SOME of what has been happening to me. 

The spirit said, “I prayed for this day.” I heard knocking on a wood dresser next to me. He then said, “I now get to play”. 

I said, “you’ve played enough” I have been trying to devote time to prayer and being healthy mentally, emotionally and physically but this spirit won’t “let up”. 

He doesn’t want me to talk about it with anyone about what’s going on. 

When I move on from my “twin flame” and try to ground myself from being obsessed …. Or over emotional. It then goes back to “now you die of child molestation”

I told my friend about this and she doesn’t quiet understand I don’t expect her to cause I don’t and I’m experiencing it. 

She said this is energy…. Because of how malignant it is…. Because it has a voice its hard for me to to say this is energy. Energy is like …. Feeling the weather come on… Vibes in a room… This is full on wtf … And what feels like spiritual warfare/ psychic attack. 

It said it “wants me to go crazy”. And I’m sure I sound pretty freaking crazy… But I’m trying to hold on. 


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