He (this spirit) said he wants everything. 
My hopes, my dreams, my love, my creativity, pleasures. Why I am unsure. 

I remember watching a video on Twin Flames and talking about the hampster wheel. “Stop doing that”. You know checking up on you tf … Driving yourself crazy ect. 

Well once I realized that the spirit/entity was not my TF I then felt bad. Bad that I blamed my twin flame for everything in seperation. He might have triggered the experience….and neither of us where perfect in the relationship. But I thought this hell was his revenge. The spirit said “you need him for this”…”I’m waiting for this (twins name) show to end” “you will never see him again”. 

This week I liked a post on his social media. He then friend requested me. I was kinda shocked. But now its kicking up my missing him all over again. Its different this time. I thought that after all this I would stop loving him (and I still don’t know why its like this).

I trying to understand letting go. I will never know how he truly felt/feels about me. But missing him came up… Just simply missing. I don’t know if that goes against letting go. 

I wish I would have known sooner that this spirit was not my twin flame. Its like when I started to move on from my twin the spirit didn’t allow me because he “wasn’t done yet”. 

Being tossed between these two emotions. Of letting go and missing him.


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