I have researched almost every metaphysical concept to understand what I’m experiencing. Tonight the spirit was trying to arouse me while I was in bed and I just got fed up. 

At first I thought he was my ex (whom I thought was my twin flame) but then he soon revealed that he was not. He said that if I find another lover he will turn me into a pedophile. (Gross) 

I’m just afraid that I will be alone with this thing for the rest of my life. I am afraid that it will hurt my partner or me if I try to move on. Even worse my family. Even when I tried to read the bible my eyes would shift and he would make it difficult to read. 

I have tried to do everything thing it asked in order to leave me and my family alone and it won’t go. I’m tired …. Exhausted …. Half my day is spent saying, “please stop….. Please stop.” And I’m tired. Mentally exhausted… Drained. 

I realized that it had been following me since I was young. Because I periodically saw ghosts. Then at the height of my “hallucinations” I saw the same shawdow figures at the beach and even though he tried to act like multiple spirits I knew it was just him.

Here I thought that seeing sparkles was a sign of angels…. 1111 was a sign of ascension (in vibration/mood) , that I really had telapathy my ex who I thought was my twin flame only to find out it is a spirit attached to me waiting for me to “lose”… Blocking me from moving forward in life so he can drain me. He even tries to act like he is here to help me. 

I found another account that is very similar to mine on the incubus subject written by a male. 

Incubus spirits do have form, but it is not a physical form. However, they can project an image in order for us to see them. They have the ability to chose and project an image that they feel would be pleasing and acceptable to us. They have the ability to convince people that they are deceased lovers, out of body spirits from people that you might have feelings for, and whoever is necessary for them to convince you to let them touch you, lay in bed with you, and/or have sex with you. If you are a spiritual person, they have to ability to communicate with you.

It can be very difficult to get rid of an incubus spirit if we invite or give permission to an incubus spirit. Some people invite or give permission to incubus spirits by accident, because they believe they are dealing with a person. People that believe that they have a spiritual connection to someone are usually dealing with an incubus spirit. They hear human thought and are attracted to perverted sex, lust, fantasy, and masturbation.

Some incubus spirits work for witches and warlock. If you have sex with a witch or a warlock, you may very likely have problems with incubus spirits thereafter. Some witches and warlock send incubus spirits to people in an effort to convince them to be perverted or to try to make people fall from the grace of God. Other witches and warlock believe that incubus spirits are useful in maintaining spiritual connections with people, and may even use them to keep tabs on the person that they are dating.


2 thoughts on “Incubus

    1. Thank you for asking. It has “lessened” but he is still here, invading my energy, mind, emotions, body and life. Still a lot of negativity. I tried talking to a friend about it to “purge” but it hasn’t really helped. Idk know why if is here or how to release it from my life.


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