Positive thoughts?

I quit my job because the spirit …. The voice… Acting as multiple voices made it impossible to bare. At first… I thought it was intuition… It started off slow… Like did I hear that? Then it became a slow slip into hell. I started hearing a voice that impostered other people in my work place and life. 

The voice said, “its time for dark arts” . after intuition I thought it was a joke. I seriously thought I was being punked. I really thought that because I was hearing that it was a prank at my job. I litterally thouggt it was sound resonances… And some kind of advance joke.

Then I thought I was developing some type of telepathy with everyone at my job. But as the expierence became more dark and painful I could not bare it anymore. I sat at my desk being told “sign your resignation today” , “you are fired” …. “You are a child molestor” “no you are not”. I would sit at my desk trying to focus on my work …. Being taughted and burned on my genitalia all day. I thought this was some sort …. I have no idea what it was…. Is. I thought that maybe this was because of a childhood fear of mine. A fear of my father that I had cared around… I thought that it would go away…. But it didn’t. 

I would go home and cry and soon the voice followed started to be at my moms house … It taunted me at my moms saying that it “blessed my house”. Possing itself as my supervisor. I had no choice but to hear and I looked through everything on the internet trying to find out what was going on. 

The voice posed itself as my ex, his father, almost everyone at my job, friends, my therapist… My mom… My father.

I took 2 weeks off from work hoping that maybe I was just stressed out from the things that were going on in my life. I even fasted for two weeks thinking that things would change. Only to go back to work to find the same unbearable situation. 

“Sign your resignation” , “you are fired”, “she’s a whore” amount other things. 

I remember going through this and said im y head “OMG I want to die”. Again the spirit imposed itself as other people saying “oh you have a death wish?” I would walk down the street and feel like someone was shooting me. “God bless”

I had no choice but to quit my job…. I ran out. The spirit acted as my boss saying he was my guru. Even though I know he wasn’t. I mean we did yoga together. Bout it. I sat down and told him I had to leave. It was one of the saddest days. One of many over the course of the year. 

This spirit moved me around from people and places like a pawn. Never satisfied. Intercepting my relationships and goals. 

So how do you stay positive? 


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