Death becomes Her

Today my grandma passed. For weeks the spirit was telling me “your grandmas going to die today.” I refused to believe it. 

In the wake of my grandmothers passing the spirit continues, “you are not a mother” , “your ex is never coming back”, ” die for your ex today”. Amoung other things that are said. I may have had maybe 5mins in total in the last year where this spirit hasn’t constantly spoken. Other than sleep… And even in sleep my dreams are totally different. 

“Die for your ex today”

“Die of child molestation.”

“You get no one”

Today I couldn’t even cry for my grandma. I cried for me…. I can’t even reminisce of my grandma… Because my mind is being constantly bombarded with this spirit. He has tried to call himself my ex…. He has also tried to call himself God.

And my mind is slowly starting to go. I’m checking out more…. Forgetting things more. I thought checking out… Meditating would calm things down. Only for him to go in for the kill. Like an echo in my brain and I have no way of truly stopping it. 

Sometimes when I’m laying down I can feel sound. Often its in my head or gentials. This is more than being sensitive. Although he has “turned down” his voice and I do not hear him on the TV as much …. I still hear him…. Although I will never see him… I feel his influence over my body and mind. 

Unwanted and unwelcomed.


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