Cat stole your seat

I left the room for a brief moment and the “spirit” said “oh the cat stole your chair” before I even even saw the cat in the chair. 

Some months back….. I heard the word “honey tree”, then I did all this research trying to find out what a honey tree is. I found a thorny tree and I thought something to do with Jesus. Only to find that my ex sent me a song maybe a few weeks later by a band called “The Honey Trees”. I was totally freaked out by the fact that it happened and the lyrics. 

So I can’t say this is me. I can’t accept these as my thoughts. Only that I hear them “unfortunately”. I think about psychics…. And  how they hear or receive messages…. And they try to help people and stuff… 

But my expierence has been far from glorious…. Its a living nightmare. What was once an “awakening” turned into some terrifying stuff.

Even as I write this my legs are trembling uncontrollably. I wish there was a point to this…. Mostly the an end that doesn’t result in death. “Go Home” as s/he often tells me.  


Peace of mind.

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