Theatening Me

I recently broke up with some one i was dating because hearing this spirit and being with someone was too much. My life has downward spiraled as thpughts that are npt mine are packed into my mind. 

S/he said “now you better not have sex (with a man) other wise I will turn me into a pedophile.” WTF? 

“I bet you wish you stayed a lesbian”
While I am ok with being alone for a while I do long for companionship. Why would this spirit threaten all areas of my life? Home, health, sanity, relationship, sex, friendships, family, job? 

I’m tired of fighting. I’m tired of explaining. I’m tired of defending. Everything is taken away. I have no control. 

Very few choices…. Very few options. 

Alone. With this spirit that threatens me everyday and no one to talk to. To true relief. 

“Thank your ex for this.”


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