Horizon is an Illusion

I thought if I endured this curse…. That things would get better. S/he asked “what do you want?” I asked for nothing. A car, a house, a baby, marriage, your ex (“twin flame”)? 
I wanted the curse to be over. I wanted the nightmare to end. I wanted the constant chatter to stop. I wanted the lies to stop. I want control over myself my mind body and spirit. 

“God bless you have to live with this.” S/he said. 

Everything was taken away and stripped bare… And I am suppose to be happy after years of trying to endure…. jumping the hurdles. Stay happy …. “Positive”. 

Then everything was taken away. I am in a prison of sorts… I can’t look at anything or anyone and if I don’t I shown images and thoughts that are foreign to me. Reliving pasts I have forgotten about. Parts I thought were healed. 

“I hate to see you loose this way”. 

So when does it end? What is the truth? How do I developed faith …. Not just belief in the darkness? Is there healing? Can I heal from this? Will I always be triggered if I do?

I want control over myself and my future! 


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