I Got You. (Karma)

You realize…. A string of “karma”.

Things that happened maybe caused by some thing  you did or didn’t do. Do I have a choice? Maybe my brain was looking for patterns reasons for the things that happened or where said in my life. 


Do I deserve my “karma”? To what or who’s will or measurements does this karma unfold? 

Still asking why.

And you try to be “good” or you give up being “good” and it doesn’t matter. Because it unfolds. 

I realized s/he was there… Inside and out.   writing the story of my life. When I had a different dream. S/he wants to be released from me….. 

There was a build up …. An apex. A string of hints …. Or hints were suggestions …. And my mind… My body was forced to look at it. But is it real? 

So how do I live with this? How to I rebuild what I healed from? 

S/he won’t leave. Suffocating me literally. I gave it every name possible. And it still won’t leave. 

“I got you” …… “You pay.”


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