The Boogieman

The spirit ghost demon entity has turned down the vocals. Strangely enough I will miss him. I spent the last 10 months hearing constant chatter…. As he berated me for my very existance. I still feel him as I get abnormal headaches … Or burns to my genitalia but her is not gone just turned down. He said he doesn’t even want to be here. 

As I said regardless of the expierence … I still love him… Forgive him… Will miss him as he slowly fades away. But will he ever truly be gone? 

My reality was completely changed…. Completely thrown off the course I had set for myself. Reality meaning my material world since I gave almost everything up, and my psychological world for the good or bad …. Bad mostly as I lived in a constant state of saddness fear for the last year and a half. 

So now my dreams are in question…. My dreams is where he plays … Showing again images, dreams different then I’m use to. 

I think I know who I am …. But I will never truly know the truth of this entity. All I know is that while I did not enjoy this expierence ALL … I do thank him for it and hope that he finds peace and forgiveness. 

I hope the same for me too.


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