This is what you bring to the table

I once thought I was alone

Alone with my thoughts and for the most part my deepest fears. 

I didn’t realize that he/she had been talking to me for years. “Making my life magical”. “You will miss me when I’m gone”, calling shots, creating or manipulating perception. 

Then one day I received a message in 2011 Times Up…. My life slowly started to swirl out of control as I grabbed on to anything to maintain balance. 

The voice turned from an incaling… Directing my mind from here to there…. Often it felt like intuition. Then intuition turned to full blow voices to voices turned to hulluncination..  Dillusions …a nightmare … A curse…  And then the voice became one. 

One voice…. One voice that overshadowed mine…. A voice that wasn’t me … Or who I knew myself to be. A voice that constantly chattered… All day everyday… A voice that debased my spirit my soul …. That taunted haunted my entire life. 

“You are old news.” S/he would say as we drudge up the past. 

What do I bring to the table? 

I bring a curse with me.


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