The Bath

Back in January I took this bath. Because the spirit was calling me a whore… And everywhere I went there were people spitting. I decided to take this bath thinking it would help me only to be met with the next phase of dillusion. 

After the bath I layer in bed and I heard spirits say “let’s play a trick on her.”.. Little did I know this was the same spirit that had been playing ever so subtly for years.

So I know a lot of other people hear spirits even tho most would be clinically considered schizophrenic …. Most readers and spiritualist seem to have more kinder spirits. However mine has been plotting against me for over 10 years. “I have been trying to get this one” s/he said one day. 

So why do I get this one? “You pay” I’m not sure for what but he stuff my head full of lies. A matrix…. A labyrinth of lies pertaining to things that have happened in my life.

Be mindful of thoughts?

Know thyself? 

What is the self when you find you have been ever so gently persuaded?  By something outside yourself? 

Does it sound like God? Jesus? An Angel? A Demon? An Orisha? A lover? A loved one? 

Are there here to bless or curse? What are we paying for? 

How does it keep the mind busy? With what? And why?

What does it FEEL like if they where never there?

How do we discern? And what am I discerning? 


​I hope I find you well. This bath is to help you clear out negative energy from your body, mind and spirit. I will list below the things that you need. You will get AS MANY INGREDIENTS as possible. If you look several places and you still can’t find it; then move from it. KEEP GOING.

At the Supermarket/Fruit Stand:

(If you can not find them fresh then you can get dry but fresh is BETTER)
bay leaves.
Lemons (for the peels)

(You can get any of these whole or powder)
Bay Leaves
Fennel Seeds

Florida Water
Holy Water
Love Oil
Protection Oil
Clearance Oil (Santa Clara) 
Peace Oil

Bible (Psalms 91)
A Bowl
A Plain White Candle.( Any kind from anywhere. It has to stand on it’s own so you can buy a holder or a pack of tea light candles is fine.)
Bottle of Pink Champagne/sparkling wine.( It doesn’t have to be expensive)

Everything I listed is very inexpensive. If spend more then $30. You’ve spent to much. Be wise. Shop within your budget. It’s all about the intent.


1. You’re going to need the largest pot that you can find in your home.

2. Peel the Lemons and  break the peel into small pieces. If you can’t break it., then it’s small enough.

3. Take all the fresh herbs and remove the leaves from the stem. You don’t have to use them all but be generous. You have to bathe 3 nights in a row.

4. Then I want you to take a little olive oil and add it to the pot on high heat.

5. Then add the fresh herbs, including the lemon. Stir for a few minutes and then add the dry herbs and continue to stir. but don’t burn. Turn fire down if necessary.

6. Add pink champagne. Fill the champagne bottle up with cold water and add it to the pot. Do this 2 more times.

7. Then add the whole bottle of florida water. The brew will bubble. It’s o.k.

8. Then add the holy water.

9. If you get the oils. Add all of them one by one into the pot. All the while you keep stirring.

10. Now let it simmer. Stirring constantly.

11. Think of what you want to get from these bathes. Peace of mind, Strength, to be rid of someone else’s spirit? Think of all this as you stir. Let the brew come to a boil. Let it boil to you feel like it’s done. Take off the heat and let cool.

12. You’re going to have to divide the bath into 3. I personal leave mines right in the pot and just pour 1/3 at a time. But, it’s your choice.

13. Draw a bath as hot as you can bare it. While the water is filling the tub add 1/3 of the brew.

14. With your hand, swirl it around in the water think of what you want to come of the bath.

15. Then, Light the candle and pray to your GOD. Pray for only you. Not your children, family or friends. This bath is about YOU and what you want for yourself.

16. Say Amen and read Psalms 91.

17. Get into the bath. Soak. Rub the herbs everywhere, face head hair.

18. Then read Psalms 91 again.

19. Say amen. Repeat.

20. Then before you get out the bath make 3 wishes for YOURSELF. Only you. Between you and GOD. After each wish take the bowl and fill it with the bath and pour it over your head. The Bath is done.

21. Sleep in only White all 3 nights. With white on your head and on your feet.

If you can not do 3 baths then do only ONE. 3 is better but you can not do 2 and stop. And has to be 3 nights in a row. Start on a Monday.

Good Luck 

Contact: Renee Monalisa


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