So glad you rose!

I didn’t know your “demons” were actually demons…. I am greatful that I woke up but its how I woke up.

This demon … Spirit…. Showed me images I didn’t want to see and then taunted me all morning about it. 

This genderless spirit. Said I am “stuck with s/he until I die.” Then, “you come see me” …  In hell. 

What  is hell. Well my energy is drained and I’m not where I want to be in life. But more specifically …  Its hard to get out of bed. And even more specifically… I have this demon/ spirit messing with my “ori” or head. Projecting images and video like “memories” of things I have never seen or take the efforts I am use to taking to recall. 

How does one live with this? How do I free myself of this burden? How do I get back to me? What I know as me? 

What does mental health look like when depression has revealed itself as a spirit. Nothing like you…. 

This spirit can split and give the illusions that there are multiple spirits are here. 


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