I have never heard Godbless and Blessings so much in my life…. Facebook, TV, people passing by… 

Renee told me”no one can take your blessings away.”

But aparrently something can. The spirit told me that the blessings were a curse … And that I would be this way for the rest of my life and that I would live a life of destitute. “Your whole life has been a fuck you”

“I don’t care who you are.”

So amongst the constant chatter how do I envoke positive thinking. All day I bicker and defend myself against this spirit. However that does no go. They say this is about changing your perception … But how? 

Reading became hard as the spirit would shift my eyes and read faster than me and tell me I’m stupid so ….. That was mainly when I was reading the bible.

Still in the thick of the forest. No real answers. Just a bunch of questions, uncontrollable feelings, constant chatter.


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