How He Cursed Me

   “So glad you came!!!” He would say. 
List of curses:

Strong visuals: cartoons, sick sexual and violent images, random people, demonic/ alien images to scare. Unual visuals that aren’t normal to ones train of thought. 

Cast: Voices playing off of the sound of other peoples voices/TV or nature. Ect. Even though a it is one spirit/ or entity it makes it seem like there are more spirits or entities involved male or female voice. May hear, screaming or other sounds in the background. Is almost like a “play” with a “cast” of other spirits to make one feel bad. 

Lights out: its like my mind turns off like a TV, minds eye goes from dark to pitch black, will hear the sound a TV makes when it turns off. Doesn’t last too long. 

Burn: Extreme burning sensation on my genitals. Sometimes so bad I had to put an ice pack on it. Also burning g sensation on top of head. 

Shots: Sensations in my forehead that feel like being “shot”. Can also be sensations in other parts of the body. Also consistent and general pressure on head. 

Spicy: just the burn but feels more like pin needles.

Extacy: feels like you are on E/euphoria … Like in water. Woosy.

Love“: More like obsession, feeling romantic, sexy but more like “glamour” magic. Various degrees from like, love or obsession.

Psychic sex: Self explanatory. False sensations of being raped or being brought to orgasm. 

Wet: the sensation of arousals or getting wet or someone touching my genitals.

Pee: Can be confused with “wet”. A sensation to pee more than normal. 

Pinch/ VD: feels like a single painful pinch. 

Shakes: whole body shaking. Sometime just a leg or lip.

Buzz: Whole body. Specifically on the head or genitals. 

Uncomfortable/ dirty : just feels like not the same.

Oedipus/ Elekra: Curses used to make me feel like I was attracted to my father. “Why would you look at your father like that?!”. When I never felt that sensation before in my life.

Set: Energy would change. Felt like there were more “spirits” in the room. All shaming. Creating situations with a “cast”  in order to shame.

Suggestions: Movement of eyes, suggesting thoughts, ideas, images that are not common to the sense of self. Seeing and feeling normal everyday life diffent from self. Often terrible things like suicide. Suggesting one thought for another meaning. 

Sparkles: I would see them a lot. Use to think they were angels but not sure if they are curses, demons, energy, 

Too Sweet: tooth ache that comes and goes as s/he pleases. 

Sleep poralisis: The inability to move in very vivid dreams. Feeling like I was being held down. 

Brain Aneurism: Often feels like a stroke or a head ache, punches in the eye. Even though you are in good health.

Smells: roses, perfumes, shit, gas, skunk, weed, cleaners, piss or the smell of other people when they are not near. 
I will update with more later.


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