Voices in Your Mind: Discerning Between God & Demons


“If there are other humans in your life who are always tearing you down, then you will be much a much easier target for demons to use second person language on. The goal of this approach is to convince you that you’re hearing “echoes” from your past, or that you’re simply imagining what some nasty human would say to you if they could see you now. But when demons bombard you with these kinds of thoughts, they are careful to suggest that you are the one originating them.  They say that you are the one imagining what others would say to you, and that youare the one who is choosing to call up painful memories from your past. Yet the truth is that you are doing nothing but standing there while theymake stuff up and drag up all kinds of negative memories from your mental archives.


Demons are more familiar with your memories than you are and they will quickly hit replay on the snarky comments your sister made ten years ago anytime they see an opportunity to drag you down. You are not the one rifling through your memory banks constantly recycling painful thoughts—they are, and they are very good at it. Ever wonder why you have such a hard time forgetting those crushing words your father said to you as a child? Or perhaps you struggle to stop thinking about that joke your friend made at your expense the other day.  Are you haunted by some past sin you committed and do you find yourself keep reliving your actions over and over again?  Demons are the ones who help upsetting memories stay at the front of your mind. The more negative memories you have, the more extensive their arsenal is.  Because it’s your own memory that they’re replaying, you’re very likely not to suspect their involvement.”


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