Go Home God Bless

He tells me god bless. 
He wants to usher me out of the world.

Out of life. 

“Go Home all the way”. He screams.

I moved back to my parents. Apparently that wasn’t home. 

I felt my forehead vibrate each time. As if I megaphone was on my temple. 

I feel my blood pressure rise. 

What do you do when you don’t want to commit suicide but everyday you are being told to Go Home … Heaven or hell… To be a human sacrifice.

Everyday I breathe it away …. Smoke a lot of cigarettes….and he takes my breath… My life… My force…. My will…. Literally suffocating me …. 

Sometimes I hear him in my head or on the TV … Echoes outside my window.

Medicine has yet to fix… Mediation there is no peace. 

I’m trying to hold on.



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