What is happening? 

I at a young age was huanted by a spirit that would call me names. He would say every name but his own. 

My faults put on display … Tormented in every way. 

He rhymes. He yells. He repeats. Everything on repeat. A broken record skipping in an empty room. 

He scares me. He doesn’t want love.He doesn’t want me to love. And he tortures me everyday. 

Sometimes it is nightmares. Sometimes my genitals are burned… Touched but no ones there. 

Images burned I’m my head…. Unwanted … Unwelcomed… 

He is unwelcomed although I tried to show him love. I thought things would change. 

But he didn’t.

I listened when I shouldn’t have. I regretted. I lost. I lost it. 

He tells me he wants me to die. 

I don’t want to. 

He is not me. But he is a part of me … I hear him… He uses words I never heard of. 

Everyday he tells me to die… To commit suicide. To be a human sacrifice. And threatens everyone I love….. Loved.

I wonder is there is a remedy. 

Why is he like this? 

I prayed … Casted spells… Prayed again. Therapy. Silence.
And nothing has worked.

All joy is gone. 

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